The Best Non-Traditional Social Platforms for Artists According to Mary Carolonza

Mary Carolonza
4 min readMar 30, 2021

Today, many artists are frustrated by the limits of traditional social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. They are looking for sites where there is no algorithm that dictates what posts followers see most often and places where they can upload full-frame versions of their work to be shared with an audience.

Mary Carolonza, a communications student from Pottersville, New Jersey, dives into the world of social media for artists, discovering many excellent alternatives to traditional social media sites.

Communications Student, Mary Carolonza, Discusses Social Platforms For Artists


Dayflash is known for working the way Instagram used to work. Each user’s feed was a simple chronological list of postings, with no algorithm determining what is seen and what is hidden. Founder Rupali Renjen is quoted: “Photo sharing platforms unfairly use algorithms to dictate which followers get to see a user’s posts. And as they push users to spend more time on stories from friends, long-form videos, and shopping, all so they can make more money on ads and business accounts, less and less time is being spent on creators, which is taking away visibility and opportunity.”

Users like Dayflash because it allows artists to post full-resolution photos in full frame. The framing issue is a serious problem for many artists who do not believe their work should be cropped or compressed like on Instagram and Twitter.

Dayflash is popular among photographers, illustrators, and artists.

The Dots

The Dots markets itself as “LinkedIn for creatives.” It attracts companies like Sony Pictures, Discovery Networks, Google, and Burberry looking for prospective employees. It is a great place to network with other artists and to put feelers out for ongoing projects.

Like LinkedIn, the site is not very useful unless you put in the time to connect with others. The site is often used on various platforms to present a complete look at an artist’s portfolio.


ArtStation is one of the older artists’ platform sites. It is the best place to post your profile for 3D and 2D artists alike. Artists in digital fields like media, film, games, and the entertainment industry get the most out of ArtStation. Many industry recruiters use this website to find new collaborative partners or employees.


Dribbble is meant for sharing small snapshots of a current project. The site has evolved into a social network for artists, illustrators, animators, and advertising artists. The network is also a place where Apple, Google, Dropbox, and Facebook find new employees.

Artist Nicole Jones is quoted: “This is where I put my personal project illustrations, which is something I’d like to do more, so if I ever get any illustration inquiries, I point them there. Illustration is more of a side thing for me, as I do brand and marketing design before all that for clients.”


DeviantArt may be the oldest website in this roundup, but it is still useful for people who want to reach a broad audience and get feedback on their work. DeviantArt has some serious piracy problems, so artists should be cautious about always using a watermark.

DeviantArt users often joined the site when they were teens producing fanart but have stayed with the site as their artistic skills have developed. It is an excellent place to network with fellow aspiring artists.


Communications Student, Mary Carolonza, Explains Behance

As part of the Adobe brand, Behance is a portfolio program that is widely used today. It is an excellent place to share multiple stages of work on the same project, giving users a window into your creative project. There is a social aspect to Behance as well, and users enjoy networking with their favorite artists.

One of the best features of Behance is its ability to show full-frame, high-resolution images. Images are shareable, and many users spend time trading artistic ideas.

Building a Network

These social media and portfolio sites can be invaluable for building an artist’s professional network and gaining new viewers. These sites can also help get freelance jobs and employment.

Using these new platforms for artists is a great way to ensure that you reach a broad audience and that many people appreciate your work. Mary Carolonza believes that artists should check out all of these websites and decide which ones might be suitable for their work.



Mary Carolonza

Mary Carolonza is from Pottersville, New Jersey, and is currently studying communications in university. She has a deep passion for travel and the arts.